To register for RAVEN911, you should be engaged in an emergency related occupation, or have a reasonable expectation of being involved in an emergency response via one of the following disciplines. Those without organizational emails will require additional vetting and may not be permitted access to the system.

Fire service, Law enforcement, Hazardous Materials Response (Public Organization – NO Private Company employees are permitted at this time), State, Local or Federal Government Service, Hospital Personnel, Public Works, Emergency Management, Communications or Volunteers (Emergency response organizations such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc)

Once approved, your employer email address will automatically become your user name. It is recommended that the user synchronize his/her Raven911 username and password with Web EOC username and password.

Agency county:

Your employer email address will be your user name.

Raven911 Security/Non-Disclosure Agreement:

I understand that my Raven911 username and password shall not be shared with another individual. Further, I attest to the fact that I am currently employed/engaged in one of the following emergency disciplines: Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Haz Mat, Public Health, Hospitals, State/Federal/Local Government, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications (911), Volunteer Emergency Response (i.e., Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc), or Public Works. I agree not to share, disclose or post via social media: data, screenshots or other information derived from the Raven911 outside an emergency, planned incident special event or other lawful purpose. Finally, questions originating from the general public or media regarding the Raven911 Mapping System shall not be provided by any user without express permission of the Raven911 development team (Cincinnati Metropolitan Medical Response System [MMRS], Cincinnati Fire Department, Homeland Security Unit, or the Ohio Kentucky and Indiana Regional Council of Governments [OKI]). Contact information for the Raven911 development team can be found on the user registration page. I understand that failure to comply with ANY of these conditions will result in the suspension of my Raven911 privileges indefinitely.