About RAVEN911

RAVEN911 is an internet based mapping system developed from the perspective of an emergency operator utilizing exemplary technical expertise, and the latest in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) computer technology. The RAVEN911 Mapping system brings together responder defined critical data sets with easy to use mapping tools (or widgets), thus allowing users to interact with the map in a meaningful and efficient way during an emergency.

Based on user feedback, some of the greatest features of the RAVEN 911 system are its ease of use, its data accuracy, and accessibility for the end user. In terms of its ease of use, the RAVEN911 system was designed to be as intuitive as possible. By tapping into the insights of prospective users from a variety of emergency disciplines in the early stages of system development, designers learned they could lessen the amount of time required to train (even those with little or no computer skills); and in turn negating initial and/or refresher training to the greatest extent possible. Secondly, data accuracy has; and will continue to be, a hallmark of the RAVEN911 system. All data has either verified either through contact with various agencies and/or field collection, and depending on the layer undergoes regular updating. It is the opinion of the RAVEN911 creators that accurate and timely data is the most critical component of the system; and without it, users would simply have no faith in RAVEN911’s true capabilities. Finally; in terms of accessibility, access is presently granted to any emergency provider within the following disciplines: fire and emergency medical services, law enforcement, hazardous materials, communications, public health, hosptitals, public works, emergency management and select private/non-profit partners who register with an agency email address (this allows for tracking, verification and updating of user profiles). RAVEN911 has been funded entirely with grant monies from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (UASI, MMRS) as well as some federal highway funds, and in kind funding (Cincinnati Fire Department).

Thank You

Robert E White II, SSA, Federal Bureau of Investigations - Cyber & Technical Services Squad
Ami McLandsborough, Cincinnati Health Department
Boone County EMA (Mark Ihrig, Bill Fletcher)
Brian Clemens, Cincinnati Fire Department
Barb Swadener, Hamilton County EMA
Dave Swadener, Hamilton County EMA
Brian Doering, Cincinnati Fire Department
Campbell County EMA (Bill Turner, Ron Schneider)
Carter Pittman, Hamilton County Health Department
Chuck Johnson, Captain, Covington Fire Department
Chuck Norris, Chief, Covington Fire Department
Christy Blankenship, Hamilton County EMA
Cincinnati Fire Department Information Technology Staff (IT)
Cincinnati Police Department, Real Time Crime Center
Collin Grove, Cincinnati Fire Department
Dawn Keating, Cincinnati Police Department, Real Time Crime Center
Doug Mueller, Cincinnati Fire Department
Doug Schraffenberger, Cincinnati Fire Department
Doug Ventre (Ret. Cincinnati Police SWAT), Clermont County Sheriff’s Department
Douglas Hoover, Cincinnati Fire Department
Ed Frambes, Hamilton County LEPC
Eric Burns, Cincinnati Fire Department
Greg Martini, Cincinnati Fire Department
Jason Oyer, American Red Cross
Joe Lonneman, Cincinnati Fire Department
John Dunham, Cincinnati Health Department
Kevin Gannon, Captain, Cheviot Fire Department
Kevin Phillips, Cincinnati Fire Department
Lisa Thomas, Lieutenant, Cincinnati Police Department, Real Time Crime Center
Lou Hollingsworth, Cincinnati Fire Department
Marc Monahan, Homeland Security District Chief , Cincinnati Fire Department
Mark Baird, Chief – New Richmond Fire Department
Matthew Flagler, Lieutenant, Cincinnati Fire Department
Megan McQuiddy, Cincinnati Fire Department
Mike Neville, Captain, Cincinnati Police Department
Mike Pilder, American Red Cross
Mike Snowden, Hamilton County EMA
Miles Davis, Captain, Cincinnati Fire Department
Nicolas Pennington, Cincinnati Fire Department
OKI Board of Directors
Rob Hawkins, Cincinnati Fire Department
Robin Sillis, Cincinnati Fire Department
Sara Hood, Cincinnati Fire Department
Shannon Coleman, Cincinnati Fire Department
SOSINK Steering Committee
Stephanie Torlop, Cincinnati Police, Terrorism Early Warning Group
Steve Siereveld, Hamilton County EMA
Steven Auffart, Lieutenant, Union Township Fire Department
Thomas Lakamp, District Chief, Cincinnati Fire Department
Tim Burwick, Cincinnati Fire Department
Tom Feldmann, Cincinnati Fire Department
Tom Riemar, Anderson Township Fire Department
Tony Lehman, Cincinnati Fire Department
Tony Peters, Cincinnati Police, Real Time Crime Center
Wes Needham, Duke Energy


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